To The Luo Men Who Marry Outside Their Tribe


Siandani siandani kata otimo guonyo.

I have heard complains about luo women, left right and centre, to why their brothers go to women from the other tribes. It‘s okay.

Allow me to say this, when they will sweep your house and leave you empty handed , do not come back to us Luo women who are only good in mielo ohangla and Mombasa loading. We’ll still be the same same women having the same characters. Kaa tu huko mbali!

When your life will be threatened, never run to the Luo women who only know about pizza inn and KFC. Just sit your ass there and enjoy while it lasts, for when you will you come back to us, we’ll still request for the pizza.

When you will be tired of living together, never come back to us to narrate how you will never go to the other tribes. You’ll just have to pambana na hali yako ndugu.

Siandani siandani kata otimo guonyo. Nyiri mamielo ohanglago e nyimineu. Nyiri makia loso pesa to ng’e mana wirorego be mana magu. Kokudwa kendogi, kokudwa ritogi? Who will do that? Ae uru walo manono go.

Kau nyar jaluo ma mer no, soye eot, pidhe maber, nyisa kobochandi. You are the only people who can change the women, only if you get serious with them.

Endelea uru kuro kodhi oko, kiny koseringu tuduogo ne nyi Luo. Iboae girach. Zoea nyi luo uu, mago e kothu.

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