Musa Juma


Born Dec 6th 1968, and named Musa Mumbo Juma, in Alego Usonga, Nyadorera in Siaya County. When MJ was born Gor K’ogallo was also created, so Musa Juma and Gor Mahia are “mbese”. He was considered as a real African-Music pan African. Bringing band members as far as Dodoma, recruiting people like:

  • Jose Muzungu, Band vocalists.
  • Makaranga as guitarists
  • Makubania band member.

Musa Juma did not forget the Congolese whom he worked with better, he brought in people who did what they knew best:

  • Azile
  • Mokili
  • Vasco da Gama
  • Frank Libe
  • Salapata Salawowo.

In Kenya he had Sande Asweda. Well known Ken Watenya, Prince Kassam, Salim watiechere, Johnny Junior and his own brother Omondi Tonny. In the band was also Madanji Perimetre. His songs were full of romantic words, religious teachings, marriage advice, and he also taught respect, Ooooh, Musa Juma wuod Usonga.

Before his death MJ had produced around 8 albums, but some of his hit songs include:

  • Christina
  • Fiancee
  • Ulimwengu
  • Hera Mwandu
  • Hera Mudho
  • Gidali
  • Patrick Pacheko
  • Omaga JB
  • Raila Odinga
  • Wazazi
  • Ratego Baba, etc. etc

Musa Juma died on 15th March 2011 after an attack from Pneumonia, in a Mombasa hospital, NOT HIV as some put it, HIV does not kill. This was after he toured Dallas, New York, Washington in USA.

Musa is survived by Winny Juma a very beautiful wife and daughter Amanda .

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