Luo Proverbs & Sayings Part 1

Culture & Traditions Luo Proverbs & Sayings


      1.Ng’ato ka ng’ato rango mana mare (Everyone looks after his own).

Meaning To everyone, personal gains and interests come first.

  1. Ng’ech ywayo tek (It is difficult to pull a monitor

Meaning Let sleeping dogs lie.

  1. Ng’ech miyo gi ka iye (The monitor is fat within).

Meaning Looks are deceitful.

  1. Ng’wen ok bodhi e wang’ bur (White ants are never eaten at their exit point).

Meaning A source of anything valuable needs careful handling.

  1. Niang’ mamit ema kundi chowo (It is the sweet sugarcane that stem borer attacks).

Meaning even the most treasured or most beautiful person may have a vice or a flawed character.

  1. Nine gima Olweny ne oromogo Nyanyiera (You could meet what Olweny met with at Nyanyiera).

Meaning You may have a strange and an unusual experience.

  1. Ni nindie pien gi teke (You may sleep on a skin that has not been softened).

Meaning You may encounter problems for ignoring advice.

  1. Nituo ka Nyamgondho wuod Ombare (You mar dry up like Nyamgondho son of Ombare)

Meaning Calamity may befall you like it did Nyamgondho son of Ombare for being contemptuous towards his wife.

  1. Nindo nyamin tho (Sleep is death’s sister).

Meaning In sleep, like in death, one is oblivious to the world.

  1. Nindo tek matero janeko (Sleep is mighty, it even overcomes a mad person)

Some natural phenomena have power over all humankind regardless of their state of mind.

  1. Nindo notero jater ka pok otero (Sleep overtook the widow’s would be cleanser before performing the cleansing).

Meaning There is no guarantee that nothing would interfere with ones intentions, no matter how noble the intentions may be.

  1. Niting’ bat gi bwoche (You could carry the arm with its broth).

Meaning You could do the abominable.

  1. Njuka apoko to amuodo (My groundnuts, I shell and eat).

Meaning i take full responsibility for my decisions and face the consequences.

  1. Nyabondo moher, oyieyo kidek ng’ado (A loved or a treasured possession, could be eaten by a rat).

Meaning A treasured person or thing is not immune from destruction or death.

  1. Nyako ber gi kawang’e to piere owang’ (Agirl has a beautiful face but her buttocks are burnt)

Meaning Looks are deceitful, so peel off the cover to find out the truth.

  1. Nyakonkore pand Kisii (Double edged like a Kisii knife).

Meaning Refers to an unworthy person who does not stick to own opinion, but is easily swayed.

  1. Nyathi kanyna kidong’ chien (A donkey’s colt never remains behind).

Meaning One may be rendered helpless without companionship.

  1. Nyathi kich ok twene gara (An orphaned child does not have jingle bells tied on the legs).

Meaning An orphaned child does not have even the least of luxuries because there is no one to look unto for such things.

  1. Nyathi ma inipir, ichako go chon (Achild that you will care for, you begin to like early).

Meaning Whatever one will become as an adult shows early in life.

  1. Nyathi ma swedore e ot kia gima tomore oko (A baby who stays in the house, is unaware of what is happening outside).

Meaning To interact with others is to gain knowledge and experience.

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