Luo People Need To Change Their Attitude

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If there is a sad community it’s us the Luos. We don’t like any form of entrepreneurship, we don’t farm, we are not in manufacturing, we don’t run any retail businesses, we are not in real estate, we look down upon network marketing, we own no schools, no colleges and not even matatus. However we are very good at debating politics which Moi said 25 years ago will take us nowhere but we called him names instead. Moi warned us while in Ahero by saying we are bought with 5/= to make noise instead of working.

That culture of empty political talk and fear of work is worse among us today. It’s created untold poverty where people can only have decent meals in funerals hence you would be cursed for not hiring an outside catering company for a funeral in your village. That eating is catered for with Harambee funds from friends who come from other ethnic groups that love work and run businesses however low we consider them. Those in the so called high paying and rewarding professions among joluo are content with consultancy and offices on top of buildings and never coming together to own hospitals, engineering firms, construction companies, ICT companies, hotels, shopping malls, agricultural genetic firms, agricultural processing etc. yet we claim to be leaders in knowledge in Kenya. This is because of our negative attitude. Our evil spirits of envy, jealousy, witchcraft and lack of fear of God has led us to where we are today.

This attitude has made us the poorest ethnic group in Kenya. We are going to be poorer with this bad economic downturn. Our pride to be employed is now a laughing story in bars and all social gatherings. No more jobs! Other communities will employ us but we will be used to make them richer. It’s happening now. How sad the clever one!!! Where is thy wisdom? We now have our community being the largest in all Nairobi slums, being the armed robbers in all cities, ready for hire thugs and shooting targets for police. We are the cause. It doesn’t matter how successful you believe you are as a Luo but if your village looks like they all are in Luoland then be prepared as your children or generations will end there and the slums. Monkey see monkey do. You are not going to get your family immuned to this. Sorry, Luoland has no rich family- why? Can you change? Can we joluo start working together. Can we mentor each other? Can we stop the evil things above? It’s not late, it can be done.

Am sure you will not share this with jothurwa because it’s in you not wanting to build others and work with others. But jowadwa, a time comes when you need your brother and nobody can help you because everyone is poor and wangni musara nene olewo podi jatendwano omoko e musachwa for the last two months. Landlord na en atwara makoro sani odwa riemba eot. Ruoth ogwedhu. To you am sharing this with, kindly walokre wachack timo ohala however small and wachak support one another kata obed mana wuod nyiek minu. Thanks.

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