How Miguna Wins his battles


Miguna behaves like a typical Kenyan EPL footbal fan.
1. In 1987 as a heckler, he ran out of the country and sought exile in Canada. He was not there during the multiparty democracy struggles. He only appeared in Kenya, after Moi’s retirement, but he has been the Loudest that he defeated Moi. How?

2. Having been salvaged by Raila Odinga (Then the prime Minister) in 2008-2013, Miguna Loudly bragged how he helped Raila in his political career. How? This fellow was not even a voter. He didn’t finance Raila, He was not popular and Raila did not use his so called speeches to address voters.

3. When he was hired in the PM’s office, He was a very difficult person to work with, … he got isolated and fired. He retaliated by writing his books; which Kenyans have forgotten. He went back to Canada, and occasionally making it to TV show to yell Raila’s name. How did he succeed against baba?

4. After 2017 elections, he quickly joined NRM…purportedly to support electoral Justice and Raila; Yet he voted Jubilee both in 2013 and 2017. He was determined to undermine the NASA leadership and incite kenyans. Miguna was sent back to Canada.

5. Within no time miguna is an isolated man, his own enemy who listens to nobody. He does not even listen to himself. He is back to his rightful place: a lone “general” on twitter and facebook. No more media interviews. Soon after Uhuru goes for retirement, Miguna will come back to Kenya and brag how he defeated Uhuru, Ruto and Raila.

6. Miguna is Just a middle class Guy with a bloated ego, who has not achieved much. He has not even inspired his siblings. He is not sharp, but loud, vengeful, domineering and emotional.

Written by Blessed Monda

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