Funny Things That Define Africans


1. Urinates behind a latrine
2. Wives sleeping next to the wall.
3. Keeping brooms behind the door.
4. When u get rich, people say u have a snake.
5. When u take a shower, they ask where you want to go.
6. Keeping plates,cups and spoons aside specifically for visitors..
7. Counting pieces of meat
8. No natural deaths in Africa.. Your enemy is always the cause.
9. Counting money after withdrawing from the ATM.
10. Marrying a beautiful woman is associated with marrying a prostitute…
11. When one is given a microphone,they first blow air into it to test whether it is working..
12. There is special parts of meat that are always for husbands;eg the gizzards..
13. Removing shoes when there is mud..

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