As A Christian What Would You Do?


You loaned your friend Kshs 4,000/= last year BUT since then he has refused to pay back, which has really deteriorated the friendship. You beg him to just pay you Kshs 2,000/= and forget the rest because you are in a financial crisis.

Your friend then says he can only get you Kshs 1,500/= since that’s all he has.

You feel like you have no option but to accept. You give him your account details to send the amount directly to your bank.

You wake up the next morning, check your account and there is Kshs 15,000/= in it.

You keep staring at the screen in disbelief but it is indeed 15k.

You grab your phone and find 53 missed calls from him and an additional 27 text messages begging you to transfer back Kshs 13,500/= since he only meant to send Kshs 1,500/= and accidentally added an extra “0.”

As a Christian, what are you supposed to do?

  1. Send back Kshs 13,500/=?
  2. Take your full Kshs 4,000/=?
  3. Keep the entire Kshs 15,000/=?

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