1. Wuod Nyanding’o is a man who always stand by his words . If he says a NO it will always be a NO comes what may.

2. Lumumba is Philanthropic. He is one person whom without any political post, mobilized funds to build several schools including two secondary schools which he built from scratch, that is PATRICK LUMUMBA OUYA SECONDARY & ODIENYA SECONDARY SCHOOL.

3. During his tenure as town clerk in various towns, Kalausi employed a number of youth , something he is always praised for. Today, we have youth from Kabonyo Kanyagwal working in Kwale, Homabay , Siaya and Lamu because of him. He is always social and never assumes anyone he knows.

4. Kalausi sponsored Kadhiambo FC and Onena FC and he is the sole sponsor of the annual OUYA KALAUSI SOCCER TOURNAMENT.

5. His Dad ABISALOM OUYA NYANJONG’ was a personal friend of Jaramogi Odinga and whenever Jaramogi visited Nduru , he would be heard asking to see OUYA.

6. Kalausi is a Indian trained lawyer and his wife is also a lawyer.

7. He is the only person in Nyando whom OUTA fears, in 2009, during the burial of opinion leader ABOSO OTADA, Kalausi threatened to shoot Outa and fired in the air prompting OUTA to hide under the table.

8. Kalausi is rich , he is currently putting up a palatial home in Amboo Peninsula , with an airstrip and executive private lodge , Amboo lodges. He did the Murraming of Nyamrundu – Gunda K’Ouya road with his own money.

9. His family is one of the Richest and most respected in Nyando Constituency ; explaining why during the death of his Dad several prominent people including Baba , Orengo, Gitobu Imanyara among others came. His Dad was the owner KILABU , one of the oldest social and drinking centers whose structure still stand today ( 60 years later) in Nyang’ande Market ; He was one of the most respected businessmen west of Got Gablilo .

10 . KALAUSI and Myself are great grandsons of OWUOTH DITONGE , comes from KADHIAMBO CLAN and where he is building his palace is just next to my land, the one I inherited from my grandfather ADEDE OROMA and where am intending to build my retirement home with the love of my life.

By Adede Owalla Derep-Ruoth

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